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Google is great, so they tell us, but sometimes what you’re looking for is on page 756 so to make life a little easier we have listed a few web sites that we have found useful or interesting. Just click on the web address and you will be whisked away - don’t forget to come back though. If you can recommend a web site let us know and Sue will add it to the list..


BBC TV Programmes



BBC2 TV  -  Inside the Factory televised 7.8. 19 - 2/10 series Waxed Jacket production - following the process of huge rolls of cotton fabric to despatch.

BBC4 TV -  Great Indian railway Journeys  televised 16.9.2019 - Showing the production of raw silk in cacoons to the spinning process into yarn and weaving fabric.





Ascog Wool


International Feltmakers Association

Ascog fleece and commercially spun yarn is reared and sheared on the Isle of Bute in Scotland from pedigree Shetland sheep.


Local groups explore feltmaking in all its forms, a very lively organisation.




The Guild of Spinners, Dyers and Weavers Local groups in the UK and internationally promote these ancient craft skills. www.wsd.org.uk
The European Textile Network Textile artists show their work, mount exhibitions and explore all things textile. Inspirational. www.etn-net.org

Herts Fabric


Huguenot Museum

95 High Street,


Kent ME1 1LX

A supplier of textiles for re-enactors. The fabrics are made from natural fibres and of superb quality.


Did you know 1 in 6 English people may be descended from Huguenots?  Our vuolunteer researchers can help you uncover your ancestry.  Charges apply.  The Huguenot Museum is the only Museum of Huguenot history in the UK. 

The Huguenots were french Protestants who escaped religous persecution from the 16th century and large numbers settled in England from the 1680s.  Sign up for their Newsletter os special events and workshops.

Museum open Wednesday to Saturday 1000hrs until 1700hrs.  Bank Holiday Mondays 1100hrs-1600hrs.  tel: 01634 789347.








Art In Action Organisers of the Waterperry Event in Oxfordshire, UK www.artinaction.org.uk
Loving Hands The ethos behind Loving Hands is to bring together like minded crafters who band together to knit, crochet and sew for charities and groups from all over the world.   www.lovinghands.org.uk
Queen Street Mill Textile Museum On the outskirts of Burnley - a town once dominated by the textile industry, lies Harle Syke, the home of Queen Street Mill, the last surviving, operational steam powered weaving mill in the world. Owned by a workers co-operative “The Queen Street Manufacturing Company” the mill is a time capsule of the late Victorian age, which produced cloth using Victorian steam driven power looms until its closure in 1982. Queen Street Mill
Judith Whitworth The most comfy indoor slippers, second only to our felted slipper kit ones. pothies@btinternet.com

Paradise Fibres

A source of information suggested by Girl Scouts in California.


Traders Market Living History





Pen and Sword Books Ltd


A Living History Community that lists traders and makers in all time frames within the UK. Together with an events

diary throughout each year for you to visit and see crafts people in action.  debbie is in charge of the Facebook posts

having built up more than 40,000 history loving folkd worldwide.  Never boring, quirky bit and pieces of British history

served up daily.



This company is based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and publishes re-enactment books for spinning and weaving.





www/pen-and-sword.co.uk or tel: 01226 734232



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