Spinning Parts

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The key to success has been Ashford’s devotion to quality, reliability and durability. Only the best of materials are used. There is also a continual process of improvement and innovation in design, while retaining the aesthetic appeal of a graceful spinning wheel. The Ashford range of wheels allows spinners the ability to spin fine, bulky and novelty yarns from all types of fibre.


Since the beginning, the company’s philosophy is to respect nature and work ethically and sustainably. The solid wood products are made of indigenous silver beech timber from Forestry Stewardship Council-approved mills. A business initiative to increase recycling and reduce the use of energy, water and waste was recognised with a regional Clean Green Award


The Ashford range of wheels, whatever their age, can be transformed by fitting the latest innovative product. A double treadle or sliding hook flyer, your wheel can be transformed by products like these. The pages that follow give details of all Ashford’s exciting range of spinning wheel accessories, all of them easily fitted to your existing wheel.


Spare or replacement parts are readily available for Ashford’s range of Spinning and Weaving equipment, Whether it is a small screw or a new drive wheel parts can be obtained. We stock most of the common ones and if you are unsure about exactly what you require we are here to help.

Over the years Ashford have altered the way the treadle con rod is held onto the crank that drives the wheel. The pictures below show the old method on the right, the new on the left. Parts for both types are available from us.

Compatibility Chart

"Sue offers a personal service and like to speak to our customers - please contact us to learn more"