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4 hours - TRYING VARIOUS LOOMS which have all ready been set up ready to weave, they include any of the following 3 looms: Peg Loom, Sample Loom, Rigid Heddle Loom, Knitters Loom or a 4 Shaft Loom.. 4 hours tuition includes trying, Peg loom weaving on a 12“ wide loom using fibres, rags, plastic bags and yarns for quick texture or background weaving to accommodate other craft skills.OR Sample loom weaving, a 6“ square can be achieved, this loom is great for setting up fabric ideas for a larger loom, without the expense. OR  A Rigid Heddle OR Knitters Loom OR a 4 Shaft Loom which has been set up ready to use, you will be able to take away what you have woven.  Please talk to Sue as this course is specifically designed to help you decide which weaving loom is best for you and your requirements.

SPECIAL TECHNIQUES in weaving.  If you can weave and need to know how to weave Boundweave, Double Cloth, Tapestry pictures or just need to know more patternings to thread up and weave, then speak to Sue for the best way forward.