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Learning how to pass a shuttle back and forth through a warp is not learning how to weave. It has taken me many years to be a competent weaver, and I am still learning.

My weaving course takes you through all the various stages of creating woven material.

This course is intense. Apart from a short lunch break we don’t stop. During the course you will have my full and undivided attention, my phone will be on answer and unless war breaks out my neighbours know not to disturb me. Each student is given an Ideas / Project book in which they can write notes during the course and add to as they progress with their chosen craft.

This course gives you the confidence required to look at yarn, understand how many ends per cm/inch are required calculate warp and weft yardage, dress the loom and weave the yarn into professional fabric that you can make into material that matches your original idea. The fabric that you weave will be far superior than that available in normal fabric stores, it will also be unique to you. 

This course is designed for the individual, so that you can be assured that you can work at your own pace. There are no hidden extras, all materials and the use of equipment are included in the course fee of £25 per hour.

This course is specifically designed to - LEARN HOW TO SET UP A 4 SHAFT LOOM - 6 to 8 hours tuition includes; understanding what is involved in designing an item to weave, suggestions include: scarf or place mats or tapestry, no wider than A4. A resume of typical courses are set out below so you can have some ideas about your own course content.

  •     A blank workbook will be given to you to take notes during the course and for your future use.
  •     Choosing suitable yarns will include testing fibre content and sampling.
  •     Calculating quantities required for the project.
  •     Using a warping frame.
  •     Chaining the warp onto the loom.
  •     Threading the loom through the heddles and appropriate reed
  •     Tying up and beginning to weave the project. 
  •     Please note that the project will not be fully woven in this time period.
  •     You will learn how to hemstitch, if appropriate.
  •     Extra time should be allowed to try different patterns and yarns.
  •     You will be able to take away what you have woven.

If you have your own loom please bring it, if appropriate, along with any accessories. If your loom has not been used for some time, you need to be made aware of the different parts and ensure that the loom is ready to use. This will take extra time* and to ensure that the loom has all the relevant parts to enable the course to take place.  If you have all ready purchased yarns, bring them with you, you need to know how to use the yarns you own and if they are appropriate for the intended project.

*NB. If you need the 8 hour course it will cost a an additional £50

SPECIAL TECHNIQUES in weaving.  If you can weave and need to know how to weave Boundweave, Double Cloth, Tapestry pictures or just need to know more patternings to thread up and weave, then speak to Sue for the best way forward.