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ASHFORD TRAVELLER - Double Drive - Lacquered Wood Finish


The ASHFORD TRAVELLER is a Castle Wheel and therefore ideal for spinners with limited space for storage.

Its double drive and double treadle makes it very easy to use and the built-in Lazy Kate (bobbin holder) enhances its compactness.

Lacquered Wood Finish

  • Wheel Diameter 46 cm (18”)
  • Orifice 1 cm
  • Bobbin capacity 100g (3-4 ozs)
  • Ratios
  • Single Drive 5.5, 10, and 14 : 1
  • Double Drive 6.5, 8.5, and 11.5 : 1

Please note these wheels are supplied in ‘Flat Pack’ form by HILLTOP. If you can collect the wheel from Lyminge we offer an assembly service for £25 that includes a Danish Oil finish for Natural Wood wheels.

The crank bearings are no longer Nylon they are now Ball Bearings This makes the wheel even easier to spin.