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Learning to Spin on a Spinning Wheel - 5 hours


The spinning wheel has been around for 4,000 years, unfortunately ‘we’ stopped using them 130 years ago when machinery finally took over. Most self taught spinners have no idea how or why their spinning wheel works and so they struggle to master anything other than the simplest techniques. On your spinning course you will learn how a spinning wheel works, what adjustments can be made to help it spin the yarn you want, why different fibres require different spinning techniques.  Sue Chitty - Teaching

You will have my full and undivided attention during your course, my phone will be switched to auto answer.

Like all my courses your spinning course is designed for you.

I have set out below what Spinning Courses might do, their actual content will be a direct result of conversations with you.

Learning to Spin on a Spinning Wheel: 5 hours tuition covering fleece selection and preparation, carding, fibre blending, understanding the wheel, spinning, plying, yarn design and finishing the yarn. This course is ideal if you do not live near Lyminge, you  keep sheep or other fibre bearing animals or have a wheel but need to know whether it works.

Other course options might include creating textures or fancy yarns; using exotic fibres such as silk, linen or alpaca; understanding why different spinning techniques are required when spinning long or short fibres; if you have your own fibres and want to know how to spin them, bring them along, if appropriate.

Each student is given an Ideas/ Project book in which they can write notes during the course and add to as they progress with their chosen craft.