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How to get the best results from Knitting your hand spun yarn - 4 Hours - £100


This 4 hour  Knitting course is aimed at anyone who has yarn and needs to find the best way to knit that yarn. This course assumes that you can cast on and use a knit and purl stitch.

The tension square is the answer, by knitting a series of samples, small tension squares on various needle sizes, will allow the knitter to obtain good results.

Confidence building is the aim of the course.

Over the years I have known so many hand spinners who have produced mountains of their own hand spun yarn, but have never knitted, crocheted or woven that yarn into a useful item or garment. This is such a shame as it is a waste of talent and skill.  The knowledge and skills that you learn on this course will mean that your hand spun yarn can be transformed into stylish garments or accessories, not just lay forlornly in a basket.

This 4 hour course will encourage you to bring your own  hand spun yarn out of hiding and to discuss your ideas for end use. If you have a knitting pattern/s in mind, please bring it along to the course. You can bring your own knitting needles if you prefer.

  •     Various sized knitting needles will be available to use.  
  •     You will be taught how to use a wrap-around gauge.
  •     Discussion will take place as to how to determine needle size.
  •     Understand the calculations of stitches required to cast on.
  •     You will knit various samples of yarn into tension squares and take notes.
  •     Discussion will take place as to the results of the knitted tension squares.
  •     An Ideas Project book will be given to you for note taking.
  •     All knitted samples can be taken away.

At the end of this course, you should go away with lots of samples and ideas for using your own yarn and how to interpret knitting patterns more successfully or even to start writing your own knitting patterns.

If you want to bring your own yarn and needles, please let Sue know.

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