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Kiwi Super Flyer - Lacquered Finish


Kiwi Super Flyer

Now  you can spin all your yarns on one flyer! Convert your Kiwi spinning wheel to a Super Flyer. For all your fine yarns, soft yarns, lofty yarns, beaded, bobbled and boucle yarns, twisted, coiled and core spun yarns…

Super size gives you the freedom to create!

Free-flow yarn guides let you spin with no hang ups or catches, even when spinning wild yarns!

More capacity - less bobbin changes

The Kiwi Super Flyer Features

  •     27mm /1⅛” Orifice
  •     Free- flow yarn guides
  •     Super bobbin with 500g capacity
  •     Simple tension adjustment
  •     Includes Lazy Kate & 3 huge super bobbins
  •     Available in Natural timber or lacquered finish
  •     It will fit Kiwi’s old and new