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Easy Peasy Vegetable Fibre Dyes

Product Description Price Now On Offer!
Manutex 50g £8.00
Soda Ash 40g £6.00
Urea 50g £6.00
Easy Peasy Cotton (Procion) Dye Kit £25.00

Easy Peasy Cotton Dyes will dye Cotton, Linen, Hemp, and other Vegetable Fibres

Cold setting - add water or salt, soda ash, urea or manutex to obtain different effects

Learn to use Easy Peasy Dyes on a one to One Course at HILLTOP

Use Easy Peasy Cotton Dyes for th efollowing dyeing techniques:


Fabric Folding



8g Easy Peasy Cotton Dye, Individual Colour £5.00
40g Easy Peasy Cotton Dye, Individual Colour £12.00

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This Colour Wheel can be very useful when planning projects with colour. Colours opposite each other are complimentary those next to each other are analogous. Colour harmony creates and delivers visual interest and a sense of order.

A colour circle based on red, yellow and blue is traditional in art. The first in circular form was developed by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666.


Care must be taken when using Natural, Acid, Reactive or Vat dyes in the home. Any utensils used for dyeing must not be used for any other purpose. Always use dyes and mordants to exhaust before disposing of them. Never pick wild plants, lichen or flowers for dyeing. Take extra care when dyeing and children are nearby.