Ashford Spinning Wheel Spares

"Sue offers a personal service and like to speak to our customers - please contact Sue to learn more"

We can supply component parts for Ashford wheels old and new.

That means everything from a wheel to a screw.  If you are unsure exactly which part you need then please contact us.

If it helps then send a picture of the broken part or area on the wheel where the part is broken or missing via email or post.

To help further look at the picture on the SPINNING PAGE where there is a picture of a wheel with its major parts named.



Wheel Bearing Kit: 2 wheel crank bearings, 1 click bearing, 1 STANDARD orifice bearing, 1 Con-Rod bearing


Click Bearing - fits all Ashford wheels - makes it easy to remove flyer when changing a bobbin


Standard Orifice and Click Bearing Bearing


Ashford Spinning Wheel Maintenance Kit - Oil, Spring, Threading Hook, Drive Band Single, Flyer Hooks,

E Ring, Brake Band, Plastic and Leather Footman


Ashford Premium Wax Polish


Polycord Driveband for Single Drive Wheels


Polycord Driveband for Country Spinner


Wheel Crank Metal - please specify wheel type & year.


Ashford Spinning Wheel Oil


Standard Flyer Hooks - Pack of 12


JUMBO Flyer Hooks - Pack of 12


Flexi-conrod joint  - connects the Treadle to the

upright wooden footman  - new wheels


Leather Footman - connects the Treadle to the

upright wooden footman - old wheels


Single Drive Driveband - Strong, Mercerised Cotton


Double Drive Driveband - Strong, Mercerised Cotton


Ashford Threading Hook


Tension Spring with brake band


Drive Band Tension Knob (metal screw in feature)


Brake Band Tension Knob


If you have inherited, found or purchased an old Ashford spinning wheel it will probably be in need of attention. We recommend the Ashford Maintenance Kit, the Wheel Bearing Kit and the Ashford Wax Polish and a little bit of elbow grease. Your wheel will be transformed and give years of trouble free service.

If you prefer we offer a complete overhaul service at Hilltop. Bring your wheel to us and we will give you a quotation. We charge £25 per hour plus the cost of parts used.


Ashford spinning wheels are robustly made to give a lifetime of service. However, to keep them in tip-top condition they require the occasional session of TLC (tender loving care). The following information will help keep your wheel in A1 condition.

If the wheel ‘speaks’ to you (by squeaking usually) then oil the offending area using a fine oil - Hilltop’s spinning wheel oil for example. Use it sparingly, a small drop in one of the following places will do the job.

  • The Maiden’s bearings
  • The Flyer’s Spindle on which the bobbin fits
  • The Wheel Crank at the point where the Treadle’s Crank Shaft fits.

If it is the Treadle that squeaks then try the following

  • If there are hinges oil them, again just a drop of oil will suffice. A drop of oil at each end of the treadle, the metal rod, where it fits into the spinning wheel’s frame.

We have had our Ashford Traditional's for 30 years and have replaced their major wheel bearings once during that period. However, every year our wheels are cleaned thoroughly with warm soapy water and a plastic scouring pad, dried and then polished. The flyer’s orifice is also cleaned of lanolin.

The wheel’s driveband, we use and supply thin mercerised cotton, should also be checked and replaced if required. Make sure the Mother of All’s Drive Band Adjusting Knob is not tipping back the Mother of All before replacing the drive band.

If your wheel has a leather footman - remove it - feed it with leather polish and refit it.

Make sure all the wheel’s screws are tight. Relax, admire your wheel and start spinning!


"Sue offers a personal service and like to speak to our customers - please contact us to learn more"