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Sue Chitty specialises in teaching people to learn how to Spin on a Spinning Wheel or Drop Spindle; Weave on Ashford looms, Dye - Naturally or with Easy Peasy Dyes; make Felt - Needle felting or Wet felting. One to One courses are run at Hilltop by Sue who earned her Bradford Diploma in Hand Spinning and Weaving in 1985.

In order to maximise the student’s learning experience all of Sue’s courses are ‘One to One’. The benefits to the student are that they do not have to share the tutor’s time or skill with others.

The course fee is all you pay, there are no hidden extras for things like fibres or dyes.

For an insight on what a One to One course with Sue could entail visit the TUITION page of this web site.

Sue has been an official agent/dealer for the Ashford range of textile equipment, made in New Zealand, since 1990. Sue provides an extensive range of products and offers expert help and advice. Sue has been a spinner, weaver and dyer since 1974.

Sue hopes that you enjoy visiting website which Bill created and updated until his death in 2018.  Sue manages it as best she can without Bill's skill level, so forgive Sue if the website is not spit spot.  Sue offers a very personal service instead of "Add to Basket" method of trading where you can easily buy equipment, but is it the right equipment for your intended projects that you can use over your lifetime?

Sue is open by appointment only 7 days a week, 9 am to 9pm in daylight hours only. 

Telephone 01303 862617 and leave a message if there is no reply or send an email to: 

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Textile Kits.

 Easy Peasy Dyes for wool, silk and cotton.

Natural Dyes



A range of spinning wheels, looms, spare parts and accessories.

Hilltop Spinning and Weaving Centre supplies them all.

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MERINO prepared woollen top ready to spin or felt.

22 Microns in diameter
1 micron = 1 millionth of a metre
Human hair averages around 45 Microns

CORRIEDALE prepared woollen tops ready to spin or felt.

30 Microns in diameter
1 micron = 1 millionth of a metre
Human hair averages around 45 microns


Ashford Looms

Ashford Spinning Wheels

Ashford Drop Spindles

We recommend you view these tutorials where a wide range of excellent tuition on pinning, carding, weaving and felt making. These videos and downloadable booklets show basic techniques for textile craftwork and are ideal for anyone new to the spinning and weaving.

Ashford Spinning Wheel Spares


"Sue offers a personal service and like to speak to our customers - please contact us to learn more"